COVID Vaccine Side Effects


Every drug commercial you see on TV, half the commercial is a voice-over listing all the side effects, many of which are worse than the disease that the drug is intended to treat.

May reduce your body’s ability to fight infection, which could lead to serious illness or death . . .

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“Death” is almost always in there somewhere.

And these are drugs that have been through years of trials, full FDA approval, not just emergency approval or experimental approval or whatever it’s called for the COVID vaccines.

What are the side effects of COVID vaccines? Who knows? There wasn’t time to test for them, except very short-term stuff like you might feel tired or you might have a sore arm.

In the software business, we call this “testing in production,” meaning we don’t have time to fully test the product in a non-destructive way, so we slam it into production and hope for the best.

Have the vaccines killed anybody? I’d say if drugs with years of trials and a possible side effect of death can get FDA approval, then yes, the vaccines have killed some people and done serious health damage to others.

I did decide myself to get COVID vaccinations and boosters. I don’t know if they did me any good or not. There’s no question at this point that vaccines didn’t stop or slow the spread of COVID. The CEO of Pfizer is on record saying they didn’t even test for that.

Vaccines do seem to reduce the likelihood that you’ll wind up in a hospital or dead. They did allow me to do a few things over the past couple of years that I wouldn’t have been able to do without proof of vaccination.

All drugs have potentially serious side effects, and the more I think about forcing people to take a drug that they don’t want to take, the more it seems borderline criminal.

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