No Grammar in Oroville


This is Marta Shaffer, an English teacher at Oroville High School in northern California. I don’t know anything about Oroville. California’s a big state and Oroville is a long way from where I live.

So I can’t speak for Oroville parents but I do know that there are no parents in the school district my son attended who share Ms. Shaffer’s distaste for teaching and learning the rules of English grammar.

I would LOVE to have attended a Back to School Night with her at a local high school.

Good evening, parents. Thanks for coming. I want to start by saying that I consider grammar and writing rules to be based in white supremacy so I try to undermine that in my classroom . . .

Scene shifts to the following day.

Good morning, kids. I’m sorry to tell you that Ms. Shaffer has left the district, so I’ll be replacing her as your English teacher for the rest of the school year.

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