Thomas Jefferson on Same-Sex Wedding Websites

Thomas Jefferson

My fellow Americans –

The Supreme Court has been asked to decide whether the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act requires a website designer named Lorie Smith to create wedding websites celebrating same-sex couples in violation of her religious beliefs.

The state law requires equal access to places of public accommodation regardless of disability, race, sex, sexual orientation, or religion. “Places of public accommodation” include any business engaged in offering sales, services, or facilities to the public.

It’s an un-American law, anti-freedom. If you’re gay, you’re gay. If you want to get married, get married. That doesn’t mean everyone has to accept you and love you and make websites for you.

Also note that the law places an unequal burden on the parties involved. The couple can hire any website designer they want for any reason. They’re under no legal obligation to show that they didn’t reject a designer based on the designer’s race, religion, disability, etc.

We included a freedom of association provision in the First Amendment to allow Americans to associate with whoever they want to or not associate with whoever they don’t want to for any reason.

This would include business transactions. You can do business with whoever you want to for any reason.

It’s simple, easy to understand and enforce, and doesn’t require a waste of everyone’s goddamn time waiting for a Supreme Court pronouncement regarding a stupid wedding website.

Thomas Jefferson

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