Twitter Files and Two-Party Politics


The media outlets listed above, along with most others, will not and cannot recognize any scandalous or improper behavior by leading Democratic politicians. Ask them to name any.

The same is true for individuals who are quite happy to parrot the statement that Twitter is a private company that was perfectly entitled to enforce its Terms of Service. Hence, a nothing burger.

I don’t know if anyone is even arguing that point. However, the Terms of Service violation cited for killing the laptop story had to do with hacked materials. Of course, there were no hacked materials and there was no evidence of hacked materials because the hacked materials story was an obvious lie put out by the CIA.

How obvious was the lie? I can’t remember to this day anyone named Biden coming out and stating flatly that the materials on the laptop were fake. There are some things even a Biden won’t do.

Isn’t that what you would do if some damning information about you that you knew to be fake were revealed? That’s what I would do, say unequivocally that the materials are fake.

And the same people who sanguinely parrot the Terms of Service, nothing burger talking points would be singing quite a different tune, don’t you think, if damning information about Donald Trump had been hushed up right before the election, via a collaboration between the Republican Party, the CIA, the FBI, the news media and multiple tech giants?

I have to research what is so great about a two-party system because to me it amounts to nothing more than trench warfare that benefits, well, I was going to say no one, but it does play out to the benefit of politicians who become quite wealthy, far beyond what their salaries would dictate. But it doesn’t benefit me or anyone like me.

And morality goes completely out the window. As I said, if your team is able to pull off a dirty trick and get away with it, well, that’s just too bad for the other side, but if they pull off the same trick, you’ll tell me that every one of the scoundrels ought to be in prison.

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