What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Loudoun County Public Schools seem to epitomize everything that’s wrong with public education in America.

Former superintendent Scott Ziegler and public information officer Wayde Byard were indicted by a special grand jury amid an eight-month investigation into the district’s mishandling of two sexual assault cases.

A male high-school student sexually assaulted two female students in the LCPS district between May and October of 2021.

The “gender-fluid” male student, who was wearing a skirt at the time (which would make it easier to rape a fellow student than having to remove a pair of trousers), sodomized a ninth-grade girl in the girls’ bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. The perpetrator was transferred to another LCPS school, Broad Run High School (BRHS), where he sexually assaulted another female student.

A 15-year-old boy was convicted of both assaults and sentenced to complete a “residential program in a locked-down facility.”

The initial assault in the girls’ bathroom drew attention to the district’s policy of allowing transgender students to access bathrooms and locker rooms that align with “their consistently asserted gender identity.”

What could possibly go wrong with a policy like that? Oh right, the anal rape of a ninth-grade girl.

My platform as a superintendent — and maybe I couldn’t get the job with this, but then maybe I could — would be:

  • If you have a penis, you will either use the boys’ bathroom or piss in your pants, I don’t care which.
  • If you wear a skirt into the boys’ bathroom, I can see how that might create a situation, but that’s on you to handle, it’s not on ninth-grade girls getting anally raped.

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