Accountability Without Consequences


‘I was too ambitious’: Spotify CEO announces layoffs among 6% of employees as tech job cuts

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said that the decision to restructure Spotify is an “effort to drive more efficiency, control costs, and speed up decision-making,” adding that he takes “full accountability for the moves that got us here today.”

I love it — and when I say I love it, I mean I don’t love it — when someone says they take “full accountability” for some disaster, knowing perfectly well that there won’t be any personal consequences.

There’s no accountability without consequences. Had he said “I’m forfeiting my salary for the year and donating it to the employees who lost their jobs,” now that’s something I could respect.

Popular Bookstores, Including Barnes & Noble, Are Closing Locations, Starting Feb.

JCPenney Is Closing Even More Locations, Starting Next

JCPenney already filed for bankruptcy and closed 200 stores in 2020.

Another day, another round of layoffs and closures. That must mean it’s time for another sunshine up the butthole economic report from the Biden administration.

This reminds me of papers I wrote in high school and got them back with “Evidence?” scrawled all over them.

Any “job creation” news over the last two years should come with an asterisk, given that we lost 20 million jobs due to COVID shutdowns, so a large number of the jobs being “created” are jobs that we already had, then lost, then we got them back.

And creating jobs is easy, if all you want to do is put people to work. You can give them a job digging holes then filling them in again. The question to be answered is are we creating productive jobs.

I’m leaning toward an answer of no, given that CNBC says that 63 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck (I’ve heard higher numbers but “paycheck to paycheck” is not a well-defined metric) and that many people have found that they can make more money from unemployment and other subsidies than they can from working.

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