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The Obamas Should Get a Pug


I read this weekend that the Obamas are trying to decide what kind of dog to get when they move into the White House. I recommend a pug puppy. Pugs possess the heart of a giant. They are brave, intelligent, loving, and excellent with kids! The AKC took a vote and people said the Obamas should get a poodle. I hate to say it, but poodles are not very smart. Or brave. But even a poodle is better than a cat. Cats appeal to single women with low self-esteem, but real Americans like the Obamas should have a dog. — Lightning Read more →

Another Difference Between Dogs and Cats


My owner was telling me about a conversation he had with a co-worker, explaining to her that dogs have a special relationship with humans. “So do cats,” she said. “Would your cat save you if you were drowning?” he asked. “No, but your dog wouldn’t save you either.” “He sure would.” “He’s not any bigger than your head.” “He would try to do something.” “Exactly. He’d make things worse.” That’s not very nice and if I ever meet this woman I’m going to growl at her. I’m not a big dog like Lassie or Rin Tin Tin, but I’m not a cat either, so I would definitely try to save him. It’s a roll of the dice. I might save him or I might kill both of us, but he was going to drown anyway and I don’t want to be alive without him. If you want to see how… Read more →

Cat and Dog Photos on Flickr


Originally uploaded by DevonTT. Originally uploaded by mvidarus. Read more →

Another Difference Between Dogs and Cats


Originally uploaded by Somerslea. One of my co-workers keeps calling another co-worker Misty, although her name is actually Mitzi. “I’m sorry,” she explains. “Misty is my roommate’s cat and I mix up the names in my mind.” “Do you ever call the cat Mitzi?” I ask. “Sometimes, but not as often as I call Mitzi Misty.” “Does the cat respond when you call her Mitzi?” “No, but she doesn’t respond when I call her Misty either.” Read more →

Cat and Dog (Not Cat or Dog) Photos


Originally uploaded by wendyophoto. Found a cute photo pool on Flickr: Cat and Dog : not Cat or Dog, please read the guidelines! Read more →

Another Difference Between Dogs and Cats


PULLMAN, Wash. — A 6-year-old border collie died in a house fire after waking up his owner out of a deep sleep to warn her of the blaze. Marilyn Harvey and her son, Brent, rushed out the basement door, but Sandler turned back. Marilyn’s husband, John Harvey, who was in Seattle at the time of the fire, thinks it was because Sandler wanted to save the family’s 17-year-old Australian shepherd, who was still inside the house. Both dogs died in last Friday’s fire, along with a bird named Kellogg. A cat named Raja escaped unharmed. — Associated Press Read more →



As for Hitler, he comes in for a lot of criticism — much of it justified, in my opinion — but at least he did something with his life. He didn’t just sit around laughing at pictures of cats, like a simpleton. — Harry Hutton Read more →

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