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Newton’s Cradle

1 Oct 2013 /

Newton's cradle

But THIS Guy, He Might Be For Real

14 Apr 2013 /

See You in Hell

7 Apr 2013 /


[See You in Hell is a feature by our guest blogger, Satan — PE]

Pastor Rick Warren’s son, Matthew, commits suicide, church says

I hope this won’t affect sales of The Purpose Driven Life.

The church is calling for prayers. They prayed for the kid — well, young man (he was 27) — when he was alive, he kills himself and now they’re calling for more prayers?! Wasn’t it Einstein who said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results?

This is great PR for me, of course. My cell is blowing up . . . so many people trying to get in touch with me this weekend.

Dear Satan — Please look after my children. I don’t want them to end up like Rick Warren’s kid.

There are many troubled people on Earth looking for answers. And there are some people claiming to have the answers and offering to sell them to you.

One of my favorite Peanuts cartoons goes something like this:

LUCY (kneeling and looking at the ground): Look at those stupid bugs … They don’t have the slightest idea as to what is going on in this world.

CHARLIE BROWN: What is going on in this world?

LUCY: I don’t have the slightest idea.

I don’t have the slightest idea either and I’m Satan, for crying out loud. (I miss Charlie Schulz, by the way. He’s in heaven now.)

If you want a key takeaway from the Matthew Warren/Rick Warren story, here it is: Nobody has a clue.

Nobody has a clue.

See you in Hell . . .

How Did Civility Die?

18 Jul 2012 /


Masked Intruder

17 May 2012 /

New Yorker cartoon

The Birth of Free Market Economics

2 May 2012 /

The Birth of Free Market Economics

Dilbert: Anecdotes for Morons

25 Feb 2012 /


Dilbert: Ignorance is Underrated

4 Feb 2012 /


Dilbert: A Quick Meeting in Seattle

8 Dec 2011 /


One Piece of Wisdom

28 Jun 2011 /

Mr. Boffo

Null Hypothesis

23 Jun 2011 /

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The Cloud

18 Jun 2011 /


Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

7 Jun 2011 /

Play Ball

25 May 2011 /

Peanuts comic


27 Apr 2011 /



27 Apr 2011 /

Willy and Ethel

The Cats of War

9 Jan 2011 /

The Cats of War

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Welcome to Hell

6 Jan 2011 /


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It’s Kittens

1 Jan 2011 /


Saving for Retirement

5 Dec 2010 /

Saving for Retirement

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