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Pug vs. Cow


Originally uploaded by Sarah Elaine Photography Pugs are not afraid to go toe to toe with any other animal, regardless of size. Case in point: Here’s a pug staring down an enormous cow. Wait, what? Cows are harmless? Well, the pug had no way of knowing that . . . — Lightning Read more →

Notes From Interstate 5


It poured rain all the way from San Jose to Los Angeles . . . “It’s a good day for cows,” I say to my son, as we drive by a field of happy-looking bovines. “It’s raining,” he points out. “I don’t think cows mind a little rain. They get to eat lush, moist grass. Instead of dry grass. Do you like to eat a dry salad with no dressing? You don’t, right?” No answer. “I’m trying to think like a cow here.”   “My phone would go out right in the middle of a text message,” the boy says. “That’s awful,” I say in mock sympathy. “It is,” he says. “It was a thoughtful, heartfelt text message.” “How thoughtful and heartfelt can a text message be? Aren’t you limited to 160 characters?” “Not to Verizon numbers.” “Oh. Well, that is disappointing then.”   We’re driving past an agricultural area… Read more →

Two Jokes


“Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Bessie, the Interrupting Cow.” “Bessie, the Interr–” “MOOOOOOO!”   Two TV antennas fell in love and got married. The wedding was nothing special but the reception was excellent. Read more →



One cow to another: They’re not booing. They’re saying ‘Moooo!’ Read more →