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How to Not Cry at Work


The most read post on LinkedIn today is “How To Not Cry At Work” with (as I write this) 241,549 views. The second most read post — and a very distant second with 101,906 views — is “It’s time to stop using recruiting agencies.” That can’t be good. What does it say about the American workplace that the most pressing issue is how to avoid crying? Read more →

Twitter: 2010-09-01


I hate to see my son cry when I drop him off for the first day of school. Fortunately he’s old enough to drive himself this year. # Read more →

N-Tear Development


And there was sadness round, and faces bowed, And woman’s tears fell fast, and children wailed aloud. — William Cullen Bryant, “The Old Man’s Funeral” On any software project, the development time and cost, as well as the amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth, will increase geometrically with the number of abstraction layers. That’s why it’s called “n-tear development.” Thus spoke The Programmer. Read more →