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Merry Christmas

25 Dec 2014 /

From Downtown Disney:

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney

Twitter: 2009-09-17

17 Sep 2009 /
  • Best practices premised on good results in the long-term but ppl R rewarded based on the results they got last quarter. http://bit.ly/aH7Vt #
  • RT @OCWeekly: Halloween plans for Disneyland: New fireworks show, SPACE MOUNTAIN GHOST GALAXY + more – http://bit.ly/26pBZ1 #
  • RT @GettyMuseum: Monkeys wearing hats? Green strawberries? Explore imaginative world of marginalia http://bit.ly/pHFh9 Check out interactive #
  • Signed up for a free shot at work. They tried to stick a *needle* in me. #
  • Jimmy Carter says criticism of Kanye is racially motivated… #

Twitter: 2009-08-27

27 Aug 2009 /

Peter Pan, Snow White Arrested at Disneyland

15 Aug 2008 /
Peter Pan arrested

They’re having a labor dispute over at the Magic Kingdom — complete with costumed protestors — which resulted in Peter Pan, Snow White, Cinderella, Tinkerbell and others being handcuffed, frisked and stuffed into the paddy wagon yesterday . . .


28 Jul 2008 /
Casey and Gepetto

Today is my son’s 15th birthday. He’s six feet tall, same as me. I actually have to look up at him a little bit . . . his eyes are higher than mine but I make up the difference with an improbably large forehead, so the tops of our heads are at the same height . . .