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Clint Eastwood at the RNC


That was hard to watch but he did point out one important fact: We own the country. That’s often overlooked, especially by elected officials themselves. Politicians are employees. We hire them, we pay them, we give them unimaginable sums of money to spend as they see fit, and we hold them to such ridiculously low standards . . . Read more →

Rara Avis: Female Republicans and Tax-Paying Democrats


Here’s a headline from NBC News coverage of the RNC: Women share their reasons for being at the Republican National Convention NBC does a lot of editorializing in their “news” coverage. I propose the following headline for next week’s DNC: Taxpayers share their reasons for being at the Democratic National Convention Read more →

Great Moments in Government Regulation


To paraphrase President Obama: Look, if you’ve been unsuccessful, you didn’t get there on your own. If you were unsuccessful at opening or operating a small business, some government official along the line probably contributed to your failure. There was an overzealous civil servant somewhere who might have stood in your way with unreasonable regulations that are part of our American system of anti-business red tape that allowed you to not thrive. Taxpayers invested in roads and bridges, but you might have faced city council members who wouldn’t allow you to use them. If you’ve been forced to close a business – it’s often the case that you didn’t do that on your own. Somebody else made that business closing happen or prevented it from opening in the first place. You can thank the bureaucratic tyrants of the nanny state. — Mark J. Perry, Great Moments in Government Regulation: How… Read more →

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