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Happy Birthday, Pope Urban VIII

5 Apr 2017 /
Pope Urban VIII

Pope Urban VIII, the most recent pope to use the pontifical name of Urban, was born on this date, April 5, 1568.

He is probably best remembered for his demon-killing exorcisms used to chase from the head of Galileo Galilei the devilish notion that the earth revolved around the sun . . .

Explain That, Galileo!

31 Jul 2009 /

Obama Drops Faster than Bush or Carter

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Frequently Wrong But Never in Doubt

25 Apr 2005 /

Absolute moral certitude through the ages

Pope Benedict XVI

I read today where someone called the new pope, Benedict XVI, “a tremendous intellect” because he speaks 10 languages and has written 40 books.

I don’t know if that’s true, but let’s say it is. What are the 40 books about? His unquestioned acceptance of everything he’s ever been told?

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