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Daily Twitter for 2009-03-16


RT @presentationzen: So what is the good life anyway? http://snipurl.com/dx3od [Mark Albion’s animated movie – worth your 3 minutes] # John Wooden on failures and mistakes: http://tinyurl.com/d2keaf # Haiku on The Myth of Sisyphus: Master of his days / Could Sisyphus be happy? / Camus says he is. # Read more →

Haiku on The Myth of Sisyphus


Master of his days, Could Sisyphus be happy? Camus says he is. Read more →

Hockey Haiku


Northwood wins 3-2 IHF Finals next week May the best team win Grammatically incorrect — “best” should be “better” — but it’s okay because I’ve got a poetic license! It’s right here in my wallet . . . Read more →



Outside my window Somewhere in the big pine tree A bird is singing. Read more →

Winter Haikus


Outside the window, snow, A woman in a hot bath Overflowing. — Nobuku Katsura See the river flow In a long unbroken line On the field of snow. — Boncho Confined within doors A priest is warming himself Burning a Buddha statue. — Natsume Soseki Through snow, Lights of homes That slammed their gates on me. — Buson Read more →

Autumn Haikus


Originally uploaded by ahp_ibanez On a withered bough A crow alone is perching, Autumn evening now. — Basho The wild geese take flight Low along the railroad tracks In the moonlit night. — Shiki Read more →