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Love Trump’s Hat

.@ScottAdamsSays Love Trump's Hat pic.twitter.com/8RSmyPunej — Iowa Carl (@iowacarl) July 26, 2016 Read more →

Here Come the Brides

We went to a wedding over the weekend, although it won’t be recognized as such by the state of California because both people involved were women. One of the women is Asian, the other Mexican. Both are in their late 20s, both pretty, and they seem to be very happy together. The reception was held at The Reef restaurant, affording… Read more →

The Man With Two Hats

At the doctor’s office this afternoon, there was a man about 70 years old in the waiting room wearing a Peterbilt cap and holding a similar cap in his hands. Later I asked the nurse why the guy needed two caps. “He left his cap here on his last appointment,” she said. “We gave it back to him today so… Read more →