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To Whom It May Concern


Via Best of the Web Today: “Obama Breaks Silence on Gaza, Voices ‘Deep Concern’ Over Civilian Deaths” — headline, Ha’aretz, Jan. 7 “Obama Voices Concern About Freed Guantanamo Inmates” — headline, Reuters, Feb. 2 “Obama Voices Concern About Pakistan” — headline, New York Times, April 30 “Obama Expresses Concern for Tissainayagam” — headline, TamilNet.com, May 2 “Obama: Long-Term Joblessness a Concern” — headline, CNN.com, May 20 “Obama Says North Korea Nuclear Test a ‘Grave Concern’ ” — headline, Reuters, May 25 “Obama to ‘Voice Concerns’ in Egypt Speech” — headline, Hill, May 29 “Obama Concerned at Sentence of Journalists in NKorea” — headline, Agence France-Presse, June 8 “Obama Names Video Games as Health Concern in Speech to A.M.A.” — headline, GamePolitics.com, June 15 “Obama Has ‘Deep Concerns’ About Iran’s Election” — headline, Newsweek Web site, June 16 “Obama Concern About Oil Speculation Unchanged-W.House” — headline, Reuters, June 18 “Obama Expresses… Read more →

Be on the Lookout for a Hardened Criminal


Man arrested may be linked to Viagra theft — OCRegister.com Read more →

Sting Operation


What a humanitarian! And what did he do next? Set them free? Free, free, set them free . . . Read more →

With Friends Like That . . .


Ouch! What did he do to people he didn’t like? Read more →

Nigeria Rules


You may be thinking “Nigeria Rules” now, dude, but wait till all 86 of your wives have PMS at the same time . . . Read more →

Dog Investors


Hi Everybody — I saw this headline today on an Associated Press story: As a dog investor myself, I just wanted to assure you that I am not worried. In fact, I’m sleeping like a puppy . . . The key to investing is taking a long-term view of the market. Stocks are down? It’s a buying opportunity! Among the stocks I’m currently recommending are PetSmart (PETM) – Woof woof! Volcom (VLCM), Under Armour (UA) – I see lots of young humans wearing these brands. BJ’s Restaurants (BJRI) – I’ve never been but my owner says it’s really good and always crowded! Sonic Corporation (SONC) – I love the commercials with the two people talking in the car! So funny! — Lightning Read more →

My Dog Calls a Press Conference


I just want to say to the American people: I am not a vicious dog, but I don’t put up with a lot of nonsense either. — Lightning Read more →



Headline from OCFamily.com: TEEN PREGNANCY: What Parents Can Do to Prevent It Don’t have sex with teenagers? Read more →

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