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Grow Taller 4 Idiots


Here’s an email I got today. Eccentricities in spelling and punctuation are reproduced from the original. Let’s face it, being short is no fun. There are SO MANY CHALLENGES you have to overcome. Such as: People teasing and poking fun at you all the time. Missing out on the girl/guy of your dreams. Being average at sport due to lack of height. And getting a j* b can also be a problem too. Plus, it’s demoralizing having to look up to people all the time. Yes, it’s enough to drive to you crazy. But what can you do about it? Do you just have to accept it, or is there is a solution that works? Well, there is actually… And it’s guaranteed to help you grow a minimum of 2-4 inches in just weeks. It’s called “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” and it’s so ef fective it’s been used successfully by… Read more →

Japan, Day 8: Walking in Tokyo


Things you notice when walking in Tokyo . . . 1) There are lots and lots of people . . . 2) Most of them are not very tall . . . 3) Because there are a lot of people in a small amount of space (even though they are small people), Tokyo is built to take advantage of vertical space. For example, I’ve never seen a two- or three-story fast food restaurant in the U.S. but they’re common in Tokyo. Businesses that usually are two or three stories in the U.S., like department stores, in Tokyo are eight or ten stories. Flying back home tomorrow . . . sayonara! Read more →

The Thin Man


“The doctor said I’m really skinny,” my son says. “I’m in the 75th percentile for weight but I’m in the 94th percentile for height.” “That’s not a really big difference,” I say. “She said I could be 6-foot-4 by the time I’m 20.” “I’d like to be 6-foot-4.” “I wouldn’t,” he says. “I’m going to stand out everywhere.” “I’m 6 feet, maybe a little over, and I’m taller than most people, but if I was 6-foot-4, I’d be definitively taller than most people.” “Exactly,” he says. “I’ll be a freak.” “6-foot-4 isn’t a freak. Girls love tall guys.” “I’ll be an outcast giant.” Read more →