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Janis Joplin – Ball & Chain


I can’t imagine anyone ever left a Janis Joplin concert thinking, “I didn’t get my money’s worth. She didn’t put anything into it.” That looks like Cass Elliot mouthing “oh my god” at the end . . . Read more →

Doing What I Wanted To


I’m just doing what I wanted to and what feels right and not settling for bullshit and it worked. How can they be mad at that? — Janis Joplin View image | gettyimages.com Read more →

Anything You Want to Be


You’re only as much as you settle for. If they settle for being somebody’s dishwasher that’s their own fucking problem. If you don’t settle for that and you keep fighting it, you know, you’ll end up anything you want to be. — Janis Joplin, Village Voice, 1970 Read more →