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This is Where Your PDF Resume Will Take You

Received the following advice today: When applying for jobs, never send your resume in .docx format. Fonts don’t always get embedded and hiring managers cannot always open these files. Use PDF. Do we really want to work for managers who can’t open a Word doc? Imagine the world-class mentoring and career development you’re going to get from such a person.… Read more →

How People Learn to Become Resilient

[Developmental psychologist Emmy Werner] found that several elements predicted resilience. Some elements had to do with luck: a resilient child might have a strong bond with a supportive caregiver, parent, teacher, or other mentor-like figure. But another, quite large set of elements was psychological, and had to do with how the children responded to the environment. From a young age,… Read more →

I Mentored Someone Today

One of the analysts in my group has an office across the hall from our department conference room . . . Today he says, “There was a training class in there yesterday and they didn’t close the door. All the noise was coming right into my office.” I say, “Couldn’t you walk over and say, ‘Do you mind if I… Read more →