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Angelino Heights


The “Charmed” house: [ Scheerer House, Queen Anne cottage: Out of place amongst the Victorians: Heim House: Sessions House, 1889: The gardener said the house was used in a DiCaprio movie but didn’t know which one (Pretty sure it wasn’t Titanic.): The Michael Jackson “Thriller” house: Read more →

Dying at the Right Time


So much depends on dying at the right time. Michael Jackson had long since gone from the King of Pop to Wacko Jacko, but by dying now, he was reborn as the King of Pop and all the weird stuff became mostly background noise. If he’d died as an old man, he would have been remembered as a creepy dude who at one time made some pretty good music . . . Read more →

Wanna Be Starting Something


Seen on Facebook: Original Poster: RIP Michael Jacokson! Commenter: Michael Jacokson died on the same day as Michael Jackson? How bizarre is that? Original Poster: OMFG really!! I think the death of Michael JACKSON is more important than a freakin typo! Commenter: So Michael Jacokson is still alive? THANK GOD! Read more →