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Why Aren’t Women Interested in Computer Science?

30 Nov 2013 /
The Big Bang Theory

According to this recently published research paper, women aren’t interested in computer science because of media portrayals like “The Big Bang Theory,” in which technologists are depicted as socially awkward, interested in science fiction and video games and physically unattractive.

If that seems like a compelling line of reasoning, you can read a more complete write-up in this WSJ.com article.

What I’ve never been able to figure out is why people are so interested in why women aren’t interested in computer science . . .

How to Deal With a Bully

18 Nov 2009 /

A friend’s Facebook post about bullies in school reminded me of when I was 10 or 11 and the neighborhood bully was menacing a junior high band nerd. All of a sudden, the band nerd hauled off and socked him right in the face and the bully ran home crying.

What an impression that made on me! Of course I’m not advocating socking bullies in the face . . . no wait, I guess I am . . .


19 Feb 2009 /

Someone left a box of Nerds on a cubicle wall in the IT department. (The door in the back left is my office!)

What is that supposed to mean? We are not (just) nerds!