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How People Learn to Become Resilient

21 Feb 2016 /

[Developmental psychologist Emmy Werner] found that several elements predicted resilience. Some elements had to do with luck: a resilient child might have a strong bond with a supportive caregiver, parent, teacher, or other mentor-like figure. But another, quite large set of elements was psychological, and had to do with how the children responded to the environment. From a young age, resilient children tended to “meet the world on their own terms.” They were autonomous and independent, would seek out new experiences, and had a “positive social orientation.” “Though not especially gifted, these children used whatever skills they had effectively,” Werner wrote. Perhaps most importantly, the resilient children had what psychologists call an “internal locus of control”: they believed that they, and not their circumstances, affected their achievements. The resilient children saw themselves as the orchestrators of their own fates. In fact, on a scale that measured locus of control, they scored more than two standard deviations away from the standardization group.

Something to think about if you’re positioning yourself as a victim of circumstances, or telling others, including children, that they are victims of circumstances, that their efforts will not be rewarded fairly, that powerful forces are conspiring to keep them down, etc.

Granted, most or all of the people in the second group seem to be in it for personal aggrandizement, i.e., You can’t make it in America so you need me to make a big fuss on your behalf and get handsomely paid for it, either in the form of money or in political power.

Self-Driving Cars

7 Jan 2016 /

A cartoon by Paul Noth. Find more cartoons from this week's issue here: http://nyer.cm/TUohcry

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Kidneys for Coders

22 Dec 2015 /


Those Performance Reviews Were Supposed to be Anonymous

21 Dec 2015 /


My Name is Fido

3 Oct 2015 /

From an actual email:


My name is Fido and I’m an IT recruiter at TechDigital Corporation. We are currently hiring a .Net Developer/Software Engineer preferrably [sic] with experience in the Financial domain for a W2 or C2C Contract for one of our direct clients in Green Bay, WI.

Fido Xavier

  1. I live in California. Are there no software engineers in Wisconsin or anywhere between California and Wisconsin?
  2. On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog.

Thus spoke The Programmer.

How Would You Like to Share This News?

18 Sep 2015 /

New Yorker cartoon

Slightly Deflated

17 Sep 2015 /

New Yorker cartoon

Carefully Disguised

5 Feb 2015 /

This Counts as One Wish

23 Jan 2015 /

People I Thought Were Dead

26 May 2014 /


  • Chuck Barris – died 3/27/2017, age 87
  • Fidel Castro – died 11/25/2016, age 90
  • Pete Fountain – died 8/6/2016, age 86
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor – died 12/18/2016, age 99
  • Dick Gregory – died 8/19/2017, age 84
  • Dean Jones – died 9/2/2015, age 84
  • Mel Tillis – died 11/19/2017, age 85
  • Grant Tinker – died 11/29/2016, age 90
  • Y. A. Tittle – died 10/9/2017, age 90
  • Gene Wilder – died 8/29/2016, age 83

Newton’s Cradle

1 Oct 2013 /

Newton's cradle

Husband Descending a Staircase

19 Sep 2013 /

Husband Descending a Staircase

Young MacDonald

5 Jul 2012 /

New Yorker cartoon

Masked Intruder

17 May 2012 /

New Yorker cartoon