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The Deceased Didn’t Work and Neither Did the Eulogy


The LA Times ran a eulogy for a young Occupy protester this weekend . . . Alex Weinschenker was born 23 years ago last month. He was his parents’ only child, and he was beautiful. — Man who found a deep sense of purpose in Occupy L.A. is mourned – latimes.com That’s a very young age to die — 23 years old. How did it happen? . . . probably from a relapse of a drug problem he’d tried to put behind him . . . OK, wait a minute. This seems a little disingenuous. It sounds like you’re trying to say — without actually saying it — that he was a drug addict who killed himself, perhaps accidentally, with an overdose. Occupy L.A. had filled Alex Weinschenker with energy and optimism, which makes the timing of his death even sadder, said his father. Hmmm . . . in my… Read more →