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Last Night at the Beppo

17 Aug 2014 /

The Buca di Beppo restaurant in Irvine is closing tomorrow. We stopped in this evening for a final meal. It was a sad occasion. Buca has been one of our culinary mainstays for over a decade. Here we are laughing to keep from crying:

Last night at the Beppo

We had antipasto salad and baked ziti, a very close call over the spicy chicken rigatoni.


We Had Linguini for Dinner Tonight!

26 Nov 2012 /

Pesto Pete

1 Jul 2009 /
scape pesto penne

Photo by samantha.r

Leftovers from a catered lunch meeting found their way into the break room refrigerator.

I pull out a tin of pasta . . .

“Look,” I say to the woman watching me, “this one has my name right on it! ‘Pesto Pete,’ that’s what they call me.”

“That says ‘Pesto Penne,'” she says.

“Close enough!”

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