EppsNet Archive: Poodles

A Dog at the Airport


Picking up my family at John Wayne Airport . . . There’s a guy walking around the baggage claim area with a toy poodle on a leash. I point this out to my son and say, “I didn’t know you could walk your dog around here. I would have brought Lightning.” “Maybe it’s a bomb-sniffing dog,” he says. “A bomb-sniffing poodle?” “Yeah.” Read more →

The Obamas Should Get a Pug


I read this weekend that the Obamas are trying to decide what kind of dog to get when they move into the White House. I recommend a pug puppy. Pugs possess the heart of a giant. They are brave, intelligent, loving, and excellent with kids! The AKC took a vote and people said the Obamas should get a poodle. I hate to say it, but poodles are not very smart. Or brave. But even a poodle is better than a cat. Cats appeal to single women with low self-esteem, but real Americans like the Obamas should have a dog. — Lightning Read more →