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I Will Show You How a Pug Eats an Ice Cream Cone


Hi everybody! It’s me, Lightning! There’s a funny video of dogs eating ice cream on the internet: The puggle on the left is an embarrassment! What kind of dog eats ice cream like that? She would not last one day in the wild! Do beagles eat ice cream like that? I am old and I can’t even see anymore so if there’s something in front of me I can’t tell what size or shape it is but when I decide that it’s edible I CHOMP on it! — Lightning Read more →

At the Dog Park


A pug (not mine) is humping a beagle . . . “You could have puggles,” I suggest to one of the owners, “except they’re both boys.” Read more →

The Dominant Pug


Hi everybody! It’s me, Lightning! Did you know? The dominant pug enjoys key privileges and first rights to all that is desirable in the pug world. — Lightning Read more →

Pugs for McCain


Nothing is inevitable here. We’re pugs, and we never give up! We never quit! Pugs never hide from history. Pugs make history! Sarah Palin OMG hottest governor ever. Woof Woof! — Lightning Read more →

The Daily Puppy / Dudley the Puggle


Puggles are cute, but a puggle is still not as good as a pug . . . Read more →

The Sheriff of the Dog Park


Hi everybody! That’s me, Lightning Epps, subduing an over-aggressive puggle at the Irvine dog park. I am like the sheriff of the dog park; I don’t start trouble but I don’t mind finishing it. Last week, I was chasing a pug named Blossom around and having a great time when a male husky ran up and started harassing Blossom. These big dogs think they can get away with anything where pugs are concerned. I snarled and charged at the husky. They never expect that. He got confused, ran straight into another husky and knocked it over. Everyone laughed. Then I went back to find Blossom and hump her but she wouldn’t let me. That’s gratitude for you . . . — Lightning Read more →

At the Dog Park


This is a picture of me, Lightning Epps, at the Irvine dog park. I love the dog park! Even though I’m not a puppy anymore — I’m almost 3 years old — I still like to chase and play a little bit. The bigger dogs try to dominate me sometimes. Usually I can stop them with just a look, but not always. The puggle in this picture, for example, kept blindsiding me and trying to climb on top of me. I chalked that up to youthful exuberance for a few moments, but when he kept doing it, I had to knock him down, leap on top of him, and sink my fangs into his neck. Not hard, just enough to reestablish the natural order of things. I don’t instigate this stuff, but I don’t put up with a lot of nonsense either. You know what they say — it’s not… Read more →