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Added Comments Feed


Someone asked me last week if the EppsNet RSS feed includes comments. It doesn’t. So — I just added a comments feed and a Subscribe by Email option, both available in the right sidebar . . . Read more →

EppsNet Labs: VoiceXML RSS Reader


The Big Picture We’re going to build application that takes RSS data — specifically the EppsNet.com feed — as input, and outputs a VXML file that can be read and spoken by a VoiceXML browser. The RSS Source Format The general structure of the EppsNet feed — or any RSS 2.0 feed — looks like this: Each item within the RSS feed has a format that looks (slightly simplified) like this: VXML Output Consult the VoiceXML 2.1 specification for more details, but the output we want will look like this: What this will do when processed by a VoiceXML browser is: Say the title of the RSS feed. Offer the listener a numbered list of post titles to select from. Parse the user’s selection, by either voice or touch-tone input. Read out the selected post summary. Clear the input variable and offer the opportunity to select another item. Generating VoiceXML… Read more →