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More Words and Phrases I’m Sick Unto Death Of: Work Hard, Play Hard


You work hard? Is that a boast? Maybe you have to work hard because you lack talent and finesse. You play hard? Are you a bad loser? Are you an even worse winner? How do those two words even go together — “play” and “hard”? Read more →

My Hidden Talent


My hidden talent is in concealing the fact that I don’t have any hidden talent. Oops . . . Read more →

No Moss


The biggest lesson I’ve learned watching my kid play on sports teams over the years is that talent has a physical component and a mental component, and the mental component is far more important. Players who are physically talented can actually make a team worse if they don’t have their head in the game and they’re just doing their own thing out there. I thought of this as I was reading that the Vikings just cut Randy Moss . . . Read more →