EppsNet Archive: Teenage Boys

Stat of the Day


Nearly 60% of the teenage readers of an online men’s magazine say they would punch a coworker in the face if they could get away with it, and nearly 40% would do the same to their bosses. The magazine, AskMen.com, says the number of positive responses to those statements declines steadily with respondents’ age, dropping to about 20% for readers 50 and older. — Male Teens Ready to Punch Coworkers – The Daily Stat – August 6, 2010 – Harvard Business Review Read more →

Driving Tests


My kid is taking his driving test today and he wants to take it in my car, so I’m driving my wife’s car to work. Her car is more upscale than mine. It has features like Average Speed displayed on the dashboard. What I can’t figure out is why the Average Speed is always 24 MPH. It was 24 MPH when I left the house . . . I’m almost at work and it’s still 24 MPH. I wonder if there’s some way to reset that. Maybe if I press this MODE button here on the steering wheel . . . HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! Having your car radio suddenly come on full blast — which is what happened when I pressed the MODE button — is like someone jumping out of hiding and screaming at you. It’s alarming and you can’t recover from it right away.   Later, when I… Read more →

Advice for Teenage Boys


There are three things you need to be careful about: drugs, alcohol and girls. Especially girls. I have so many things I could say to my own son about girls but after preparing my whole speech I realized it all boiled down to two main points: Don’t be stupid. Manage your own time. Let me say a few words about the second point. Anyone who cares about you will want you to follow your dreams, follow your goals. Any girl who objects to the time you put in to do that because it takes away from the time you spend with her, stay away from her. HUGE red flag. The first point is explained in this video: If you’re not seeing the video, you can watch it on YouTube. Read more →