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I Wish You Peace


I wish you peace when times are hard A light to guide you through the dark And when storms are high and your, your dreams are low I wish you the strength to let love grow on, I wish you the strength to let love flow on, I wish you the strength to let love glow on I wish you the strength to let love go. — Bernie Leadon & Patti Davis, “I Wish You Peace” Read more →

Hotel California


I’m reading one of those “year in history” things for 1976 — Legionnaire’s Disease, Apple Computer founded, Hotel California released . . . wait a minute . . . Hotel California was released in nineteen-SEVENTY-SIX?! Oh my gosh . . . oh my gosh . . . As a sidebar, I’m disappointed in the Eagles for signing Michael Vick. Does he even play an instrument? Read more →

The Last Frontier


California’s fiscal crisis has left the US state without courts and some administration offices were ordered to close on Friday. A predicted 24 billion dollar budget deficit over the next two years has forced Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to order massive cost-cutting measures. — California closes state offices to save cash   There is no more new frontier We have got to make it here — The Eagles, “The Last Resort” All the economic news from here in California is bad and unfortunately the cry heeded by our forbears — “Go West!” — is no longer an option . . . Read more →