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Like Virgil

Like Virgil, I recognize that I may have falsified reality in my attempt to create beauty . . . Read more →

Love Conquers All . . .

. . . including pleasure, peace, common sense, liberty and self-determination. Read more →

The Destined Reign of Troy

Here are provided seats of meditative joy Where shall rise again the destined reign of Troy — Virgil, Aeneid Read more →

My New Favorite Writer is Named Camille Paglia

Hi Everybody! It’s me, Lightning! I wanted to tell you that my new favorite writer is named Camille Paglia! A lot of people say that dogs and other animals can’t think because thought requires language and animals don’t know any language. Well, here is what Camille Paglia says about that: I disagree that language is or should be our primary… Read more →