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Snow Diary


I’m supposed to be doing some stuff in London today, but the snivelling tossers cancelled all the trains and buses because there was a bit of snow. On the bright side, shutting down our financial services industry for a day will save the country billions. — Harry Hutton Read more →

Stormy Weather


The first storm of the season is rolling through Southern California, which means it’s time to bring back the time-honored tradition of sending female TV reporters out to do live weather remotes. I saw a woman on TV this morning standing in a blizzard to tell me that it’s snowing in the Cajon Pass. Really?! It always snows in the Cajon Pass. She could have told me the same thing from inside a heated studio. Some day, one of these women is going to get pneumonia or frostbite and sue this whole sadistic practice out of existence . . . Read more →

Off to Florida


We’re off to NARCh for a week. I hope there won’t be thunderstorms every day like the last time we were there. Let’s have a look at the 5-day . . . Read more →

Rainy Day Women


It’s been pouring rain in Southern California last night and this morning . . . Why does every local TV news show have to send some poor female reporter out to do live remotes, to stand in the biggest deluge they can find and tell people something they already know? Read more →

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