The Ultimate Morale Booster

25 Jan 2003 /

Cybersex and so-called virtual affairs on the Internet are the all the buzz among professionals who study spouses who stray.

But the truly fertile ground for dangerous emotional attachments outside marriages is much more conventional: the workplace.

— USA Today, “Infidelity reaches beyond having sex”, Jan. 8, 2003
Overfriendly boss

The Programmer reflects that perhaps sex in the workplace is a good indicator of employee morale:

I remember my first job, I worked on some great teams and great projects. I also had liaisons with a secretary and a senior systems analyst (quite a coup for a junior programmer).

A married operations manager kind of came on to me, but she had a crisis of conscience at the last minute.

Currently, I work in a low-morale workplace — a low-morale industry, for that matter — no one has any emotional connection with one another, and I get no sex at all.

Of course, I’m married now, but even among my unmarried colleagues, no one really has that ‘I just got laid’ spring in their step on a regular basis.

Thus spoke The Programmer.

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