Don’t Invite Me


If you invite me to a meeting, you’ll get my opinion.

I’ll probably try to state it in a way that’s interesting and memorable — because I want you to remember it.

Don’t confuse that with being frivolous though. I’m not pulling this stuff out of the air. It’s based on decades of knowledge and experience.

If you’ve already decided what you want to do no matter what I say, don’t invite me to the meeting.

If you want me to agree that something is a good idea when I don’t think it is, don’t invite me to the meeting.

Thus spoke The Programmer.

  1 comment for “Don’t Invite Me

  1. MS
    17 Nov 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Do you ever go to those meetings and wish you could uninvite some of the other attendees? I do. Frequently.

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