And That’s the Truth: Black Lives Matter?

Sojourner Truth

[And That’s the Truth is a feature by our guest blogger, Sojourner Truth– PE]

When I tell you that black lives matter, I mean that to me, all black lives matter. When Black Lives Matter tells you that black lives matter, that means they want to tell you a Big Bad Wolf story about a cop.

What is Black Lives Matter about anyway? It ain’t about black lives. I seen on the TV news about gun violence on Fourth of July weekend, hundreds of people shot and killed, including six children. They showed pictures of the children and every one of ’em was black.

Do you know any of their names? You know George Floyd, right? Why didn’t any of these babies’ lives matter as much as George Floyd? Does your life only matter if you’re killed by a cop?

What did Black Lives Matter say about six black children being murdered? Not a goddamn word. What does Black Lives Matter say about the death of any black man, woman or child, no matter how tragic or senseless, if they wasn’t killed by cop? Not a goddamn word.

It’s a magic trick where your attention be directed away from what’s really going on, which is that black folks is victimized by violence every single day, but not by cops, it’s by armed criminals who don’t give a goddamn who they shoot.

You say what you want about white people, they caused me a lot of misery, but they don’t murder babies in the street.

And that’s the Truth!

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