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Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen File for Divorce


I may be ignorant about crucially important details obviously but it seems like the main problem from Ms. Bündchen’s point of view was that her husband had a job. First, I’m super against divorces for people with minor children. Second, there are just few if any people who are as physically attractive as Tom Brady, have the charisma of Tom Brady, have as much money as Tom Brady, and are as good at their job as Tom Brady. So if she’s thinking she’s going to upgrade her spouse, she’s almost certainly deluded or getting bad advice. On the other side, I can’t help thinking that Tom Brady would be able to choose from any number of fabulously attractive women to enliven his social life. Read more →

The Right Side of History?


No, are you a mental patient? I'd like to retire but can't because my 401(k) cratered and inflation is thru the roof. But keep drinking the Kool-Aid, MFer. — Paul Epps (@paulepps) October 23, 2022 Read more →

U.S. Economy “Strong as Hell”?


BREAKING Spokesperson for Hell disputes Biden’s claim that the U.S. economy is “strong as hell” Quote: “Data shows Hell’s economy is currently much stronger than America’s” — News That Matters (@ThatmattersNews) October 17, 2022 Read more →

Abolish the Police


Last night a POC tried to mug me. I said he was more than welcome to my purse or if interested in we could fool around behind the dumpsters over there. He ran away. It hurt my feelings but it’s proof social workers can handle these crimes. #abolishThePolice — Dr. Carol X Lunz PhD She/Him,GED Alumni,commentary (@marinasmigielsk) October 21, 2022 Read more →

How to Keep Poor People Poor


If you want to see the poor remain poor, generation after generation, just keep the standards low in their schools and make excuses for their academic shortcomings and personal misbehavior. But please don’t congratulate yourself on your compassion. — Thomas Sowell Read more →

Chess Game of the Day: Italian Game


One of my online chess games. White takes a pawn advantage, Black evens, then achieves a winning position, bungles it but wins on time (1+2 bullet game). Some annotations below . . . 8. …Be7 (8. …cxd5?? 9. Qxa8) 10. Ba4 White is up a pawn but Black is fine. 13. …Qxe3+ In hindsight, I like 13. …Nxb3 better. The actual move I think gives White a small edge, 29. Rf2? (29. f4 is a better way to block the Black bishop.) 39. c5? (39. Rc5 puts more pressure on the Black pawns.) 40. Kf2? (40. Kg2 looks better.) 40. …Rb2+? (Not as good as 40. …g4.) 43. …fxg4 Black has a winning position. 45. …h3?? Black wins with either 45. …Kh7 or 45. …Rc1+. White had 23 seconds left here but just ran out the clock. It seems counterintuitive but White can draw even two pawns down here with… Read more →

When You Want to Help People


“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”Thomas Sowell. ?Anna Devís & Daniel Rueda — Cecilia Qui (@CeciliaQui1) October 14, 2022 Read more →

Chess Game of the Day: 10-Move Vienna Game


One of my online chess games. More like an 8-move Vienna Game, since Black’s 8th move leads to a forced mate in 2. Some annotations below . . . 4. …exd4? (4. …Bxd4 would prevent White’s next move.) 5. …Bd6?? (5. …d6) 7. Qg4 (7. Qxd4 is also good.) 7. …g6? (7. …Kf8 would be better for reasons that will soon become clear.) 8. …Ne7?? Read more →

Rachel Dolezal on OnlyFans


There’s nothing that Rachel Dolezal (who still self-identifies as black, btw) could post on OnlyFans that would induce me to pay money to see it, but if you disagree then it’s your lucky day, because her nude photos have been leaked on social media. The success of OnlyFans has always puzzled me given the quantity of free pornography (so I’ve heard) available online, and obviously even OnlyFans content can turn up for free. Read more →

Inflation Numbers and Unemployment Numbers


Latest inflation report came out today (BLS is the Bureau of Labor Statistics): Annual inflation via BLS just out: 42.9% airline fares33.1% utility gas30.5% eggs18.2% gasoline17.2% chicken15.7% coffee15.2% milk14.7% bread10.1% furniture9.2% vegetables8.2% all items8.2% fruit8.1% ham7.6% women apparel7.2% used cars6.7% rent3.7% men apparel — Ryan Struyk (@ryanstruyk) October 13, 2022 Core inflation excludes energy and food, so we get to say that inflation is at 8.2%, which is still the highest in 40 years, but most of the items on that list are energy and food, and many are a lot higher than 8.2%, so the 8.2% number doesn’t do justice to the enormity of current inflation. Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein said this: What the president said was that a recession is far from inevitable and I think what he was referring to there is the strength of our job market. Look, you just don’t have a recession when… Read more →

Molly Brodak


View this post on Instagram A post shared by @poetryisnotaluxury Read more →

Biden and Gas Prices


I’m seeing that the White House is now taking credit for declining gas prices: I remember the whole time that gas prices were going up to record levels, President Biden was referring to it as “the Putin price hike” or blaming it on COVID, however that was supposed to make sense, while his sycophants kept repeating that “presidents don’t control gas prices.” But he does want to take credit when prices go down. Unfortunately, his timing was a little off because gas prices are going up again. Prices where I live in California had come down to less than $5.50 a gallon but then shot up about a dollar seemingly overnight. This is what our prices look like today: I thought maybe World Was III had started when I wasn’t paying attention. Read more →

Woman’s Body Found in Santa Clarita Clothes Donation Box


Woman’s body found in Santa Clarita clothes donation box — Maybe she didn’t understand that you’re supposed to remove the clothes before putting them in the box. Actually, she was stuck in the donation slot so it seems more likely that she was there to collect (ie., steal) the donations. Read more →

White Lives Matter?


New Kanye West tee: I like it. To me it makes more sense to say that either all lives matter or no lives matter. I wouldn’t break it down by group, but I still like it. Lauryn Hill’s daughter Selah Marley wore one and 24 hours later wrote this: Read more →

The Most Dangerous Movement in History!


Yes or no: is MAGA the most dangerous movement in modern American history? — Jon Cooper (@joncoopertweets) October 6, 2022 Yes! We must continue Biden’s historic progress on GDP, inflation, stock market, crime, border security, energy independence, foreign policy, supply chain, etc. etc. Read more →

Cancel Culture is the Stupidity of Our Generation


Well, you know, the human race has consistently behaved stupidly throughout history. Cancel culture is the stupidity of our generation. Time will pass, we will look back and it will happen to us as with the McCarthy era. We will be ashamed of it. And we’ll say to ourselves, “My God, did people really do that and accept it? That teachers be fired, university professors, that scientists be discredited, that actors be put on blacklists? People will take time to see it. Again, the example of McCarthyism serves, which was horrible in the US. Everyone was called a communist. “If you listened to folk music, communist.” It turned into something laughable. And then people started seeing it. There are already many people who see cancel culture for what it is: an embarrassment. — Woody Allen Read more →

Billy Eichner Laments


Billy Eichner Laments Box Office Flop of His LGBTQ Rom-Com — “Laments.” It’s lamentable that no one paid to see his gay rom-com. But really, who did anyone think was going to see it? Billy Eichner fans? Maybe I’m not up to speed on popular culture but I’ve never heard of Billy Eichner. Rom-com fans? I hate rom-coms, as does every adult male that I know. I don’t like movies about love. Why do people cry over love stories with a happy ending? Are they crying tears of joy? No . . . I think they’re crying because we’ve all lived long enough to know that there probably is no such thing as true love and if there is, we’re all going to get old and die without finding it. Still, women love rom-coms — why else would Sandra Bullock be famous? — and sometimes they can get a… Read more →

It’s Called Acting, My Dear Boy


Bros Actor Guy Branum Blasts The Whale and Brendan Fraser’s Casting — In which a couple of fat gay actors complain that Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming move The Whale casts Brendan Fraser, who is not gay or especially fat, as a 600-pound gay man. “Who knows more about being an obese queer man than an obese queer man?” asks Daniel Franzese, an obese queer man. This reminds me of a story (which admittedly Dustin Hoffman has said is not quite accurate) about Marathon Man, in which Hoffman starred with Laurence Olivier. Hoffman showed up one day having not slept the night before so he could shoot a scene in which his character had not slept the night before. Olivier thought it was absurd. “It’s called acting, my dear boy,” he said. Olivier in that movie played a cold-blooded Nazi killer, that is, a cold-blooded Nazi who killed people, not a… Read more →

What Kind of Dogs Were They?


The dogs were pit bulls. I haven't been so shocked since Claude Rains discovered gambling at Rick's Café. — Paul Epps (@paulepps) October 8, 2022 Read more →

A Total Lack of Humanity and Empathy


I’ve said this before, but progressives, who position themselves as paragons of tolerance and inclusion, are always the most hateful people I’ve ever met. — Defiant L’s (@DefiantLs) September 29, 2022 Read more →

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