EppsNet Archive: Anonymity

Sources Say . . .


We can never allow our sources to make allegations, contentious statements or vituperative attacks behind a cloak of anonymity. It weakens our credibility and gives the sources an opportunity to benefit at our expense. It is fundamentally unfair to the other party and thus biased. . . . If a source wants to make a vituperative attack on an individual, organisation, company or country he or she must speak on the record. — Reuters Handbook of Journalism Read more →

Employee Surveys


It’s Employee Survey Day! The surveys are completely anonymous. Don’t write your name on them and please seal them in the envelope in front of you. Oh and — solely for statistical purposes — please indicate the department you work in, your job title, age and how long you’ve worked here. (Ha ha, I’m sure everything’s on the up and up but I wrote everything left-handed anyway . . . to maintain some deniability . . .) Read more →