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The Ideal Consumer

15 May 2016 /
Makeup before attendance

The ideal consumer is someone who is anxious, depressed and constantly dissatisfied. Academic studies from the most respected institutions show that sad people are bigger spenders. Why do you think our lives are saturated with images of flawless, unattainable beauty?

Why Are Anxiety Disorders So Prevalent?

26 Mar 2016 /

Evolutionary pressures led humans to develop cognitive biases . . .


Twitter: 2010-06-06

6 Jun 2010 /
  • RT @eddiepepitone: Sundays in my household is a time for reflection, murderous rage, meat and anxiety about monday. #

Just Saying Hello

10 Apr 2010 /

I have great anxiety, hope, desperation, regret, anger, joy, shingles and insight. I balance all of these just saying hello to someone.