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Gore Vidal, Lifelong Bachelor

2 Aug 2012 /
English: Gore Vidal at the Union Square Barnes...

The Economic Times here in Bangalore has a great obituary of Gore Vidal.

It includes an anecdote in which Vidal skewers Saul Bellow and his multiple wives, followed by the sentence

Never married himself, Gore . . .

Probably, like Liberace, just never found the right girl.

Sandeep Hornblower

2 Aug 2012 /
Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.

Even in an entire city full of motorists honking at one another, our driver this afternoon distinguished himself as the greatest horn blower since Horatio.

We were stopped in traffic at red lights, and he’d still sound the horn a couple of times just to stay limbered up . . .

Riding in Cabs in Bangalore

30 Jul 2012 /

The cab drivers here are either highly motivated to get you to your destination or completely insane. Or possibly both.

“Roads” and “lanes” aren’t well-defined. A lane is any relatively flat piece of ground, paved or unpaved, that you can take possession of and defend with headlight flashing, horn honking and aggressive refusal to yield.

Thoughts I’ve had more than once:

  1. Is this part of the road?
  2. Isn’t that a sidewalk?

Crossing Streets in Bangalore aka Human Frogger

30 Jul 2012 /
Photo by Rasidel Slika
A photo by Rasidel Slika on Flickr

Goin’ to Bangalore

21 Jul 2012 /
lighter moments.

I’m spending a couple of weeks in Bangalore at the end of the month. Travel is the most depressing thing in the world, beating out listening to other people talk about their travels.

Bangalore has been called the Silicon Valley of Asia. It’s like the Silicon Valley here in California, but with monkeys and malaria.

My boss has cautioned me to drink only the bottled water from the hotel, never the bottled water at the office.

“They refill the bottles at the office with their own water,” he said. “The hotel will give you two bottles a day, but I tipped the staff a dollar a day and they left extra bottles in my room. That’s a lot of money over there.”

I’m seriously thinking about tipping two dollars a day just to see what the heck happens . . .

Look Out, You Rock ‘n’ Rollers!

21 Jul 2012 /

My bizness is taking me to Bangalore, India, at the end of the month. I got vaccinated for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis.

I’m now immune to everything, including your consultations.