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Why Not Enjoy a Snickers?


Our being is a being-towards-death, ending, not on the summit of actualization, but over the cliff in the abyss of annihilation . . . Read more →

Eat a Bag of D*cks


I was informed today via email that a bag of gummy penises is a great way to tell friends, family, loved ones or enemies to eat a bag of dicks. An anonymous package is sent to your chosen recipient containing 2 things: A bag of delicious gummy candies and a note exclaiming “EAT A BAG OF DICKS.” You remain forever anonymous as you picture them wondering “Who sent this to me?” and “Are there more tasty gifts on the way?” What are you waiting for? Read more →



I just noticed on Facebook that 16 million people like Skittles. I hate Skittles. Worst of all, they look like M&Ms, so you think you’re going to get some delicious M&Ms and it turns out what you’re really getting are Skittles. Read more →