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Added Comments Feed


Someone asked me last week if the EppsNet RSS feed includes comments. It doesn’t. So — I just added a comments feed and a Subscribe by Email option, both available in the right sidebar . . . Read more →

Spanning the Globe


Because EppsNet is sweeping the globe like nuclear fallout, I sometimes get comments like this one, where it’s hard to tell what’s spam and what isn’t. Often it comes down to this — if the person is a native English speaker, I think they must be putting me on. One clue is to check the IP address. For example, the above comment was posted from Mauritius, an small island nation off the coast of Madagascar. While English is the official language and French predominates in media and business, the most widely spoken language is Mauritian Creole, considered the lingua franca, or native tongue, of the country. Verdict: Valid comment. Read more →