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Thomas Jefferson: Why the Polls Are Wrong (Again)


My fellow Americans – The 2016 presidential election polls showing Hillary Clinton, the greatest candidate for any office in the history of candidates, with a 99 percent chance of winning were wrong, and the 2020 polls are wrong too, for the same reason which is . . . Ninety-plus percent of the news media is in the tank for the Democratic party. They don’t give you news, they give you the opinions they want you to have, and they hide anything they don’t want you to know. Hunter Biden? Never heard of him. A Cato Institute study found that 62 percent of Americans have political views they are afraid to share, including 77 percent of conservatives. There are a lot of “progressives” out there who’d like to see you dead if you’re not as loving as they are. Better to just keep your non-liberal opinions to yourself, including to pollsters.… Read more →

Twitter: 2010-08-09


RT @robdelaney: Just saw a cute little boy eating a HUGE cookie! I taught him a lesson about loss that I know he'll appreciate one day. # Read more →

Give Blood Play Hockey Charity Tournament


My son’s team won the tournament, my wife gave blood, and I bought 3 snickerdoodle cookies for $5 at the charity booth and ate them. All in all, a triumphant day for the whole family . . . Read more →

Christmas Cookies


My wife and son brought home some Pillsbury cookie dough sheets (see photo) but we’ve got a problem. Even though the packaging shows cookies with festive holiday shapes (“I want the ones shaped like Christmas trees,” my son says), the sheets are not pre-cut, and we don’t have cookie cutters. I say, “It looks like what you’re going to get are cookies shaped like rectangles.” Read more →