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20-Something Girlfriends

17 Sep 2016 /
Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson expecting NINTH child: Lethal Weapon star, 60, announces his girlfriend, 26, is pregnantDaily Mail Online

Here are the ages of Gibson’s current children: 36, 34 (twins), 31, 28, 26, 17, 6.

OK, Gibson is better looking than I am, he has a lot more money than I do . . . on the other hand, I’m younger and taller (Wikipedia lists him as 5’10”).

It gives one pause . . .

Your Favorite Hobbies?

30 Jun 2016 /

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Mates and Dates

24 Oct 2013 /

Dilbert: Dating in 2018

4 Jul 2013 /


Chinese Women Can Afford to be Picky

1 Dec 2012 /

Via Steven Landsburg:

China has one of the highest male-female sex ratios in the world. That means women can afford to be picky.

Aging Actress

Here are the requirements listed by a female graduate student seeking a mate on the Chinese equivalent of match.com:

  • Never married
  • Masters degree or more
  • Not from Wuhan
  • No rural I.D. card
  • No only children
  • No smokers
  • No alcoholics
  • No gamblers
  • Taller than one hundred and seventy-two centimeters
  • More than a year of dating before marriage
  • Sporty
  • Parents who are still together
  • Annual salary over fifty thousand yuan
  • Between twenty-six and thirty-two years of age
  • Willing to guarantee eating at least four dinners at home per week
  • At least two ex-girlfriends but no more than four
  • No Virgos, no Capricorns

Who Pays for Dinner?

30 Sep 2011 /
Heart-shaped Bread

I’m listening to a couple of women talking about their new beaus and who should pay for the dinner dates in a budding relationship.

Man pays? Take turns? 50/50?

For what it’s worth, ladies, back when I was dating, I paid for the food, but depending on how the rest of the evening played out, I might have to say, “In that case, pay me back for the sandwiches.”

Bad Personal Ad

27 Jun 2010 /

I enjoy sadness, long walks in the dark, painful arguments that have no closure, sugarless cough drops and Jimmy Fallon.

Want a Date? Consider Becoming an Atheist

19 Nov 2009 /

OkCupid.com analyzed over 500,000 first contacts on their online dating site to see how certain keywords and phrases affected reply rates. The results could be considered a set of rules for what you should and shouldn’t say when introducing yourself online.

Thinking of mentioning religion? The graph below shows reply rates of messages containing the listed keywords, plotted against the average reply rate of 32%.

God chart

Your Face is Your Fortune

19 Nov 2009 /

OkCupid’s analysis of how your looks affect your online dating results is chock full of interesting insights. The one that really jumped out at me is that while men’s rating of women’s looks follows a normal distribution — some low, some high, most in the middle — women rate 80% of men as worse-looking than average, but then go ahead and date them anyway.


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10 Aug 2009 /
  • RT @diablocody: I wonder if there are any amazing singles who live right in my area. #
  • Leading When You Don't Have Formal Authority http://bit.ly/EST45 #

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb 2009 /

Who knew Carrie Fisher has a blog?

Carrie Fisher

I happen to be the possessor of a very big personality . . .

When I date someone, I generally have about three months of a personality available and then I finally come to the end of it. I need to refuel, I short-circuit. And then whoever I’m with shows up, and a lot of the times I don’t like him so much.

Now wait, I just got a little quieter and what’d you just say? You didn’t read this? You’ve never seen that? You don’t know who that is? You really think that about me? He bothers me – not that I’m so great, but the enchantment wears off, and then the sleeping giant wakes up and says, “Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of someone dumb.”

Watching Olympic Women’s Weightlifting with a 10th Grader

17 Aug 2008 /

“These women look worse than the Australian basketball team,” the boy says.

“Some of them would be cute,” I say, “if they lost about 150 pounds.”

An eHarmony commercial comes on . . .

We prescreen candidates for compatibility . . .

“Good,” the boy says, “because I don’t want to date any women weightlifters.”