EppsNet Archive: Dentists

Anything Bothering You?


“Anything new?” the dental hygienist asks. “Anything bothering you?” “Oh my god yes,” I reply. “The media coverage of Trump, for one thing.” “I meant with your teeth,” she says. “Oh my teeth are fine.” Read more →

Has Anything Changed?


The administrator at the dentist office asks me, “Has anything changed since your last visit?” “Well . . . we’re all 6 months closer to death.” “I meant your contact info and insurance,” she says. “No, those remain unchanged with the passage of time.” Read more →

At the Dentist


“Any pain or sensitivity?” the hygienist asks. “Oh my gosh yes . . . wait, you mean in my teeth?“ Read more →

Are You Experienced?


I got my teeth whitened today. Ah, vanitas vanitatum! “Have you done this before?” the esthetician asked me. “No . . . have you?” Read more →