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Twitter: 2010-10-27

27 Oct 2010 /
  • RT @diablocody: I love people that go to gossip sites and type "WHO CARES?" in the comments. You do, you little cutie! #
  • Democrats' problem is they haven't been smug and dismissive enough. When's the Jon Stewart rally? #

Twitter: 2009-12-18

18 Dec 2009 /
  • RT @capricecrane: "Twitter" was the most used word of 2009. Numbers two and three were "I'm" and "broke." #
  • RT @Aimee_B_Loved: Sometimes I drive between lanes and pretend my car is Pacman gobbling up the dashed lines. #
  • RT @FakeAPStylebook: Use "can of whup-ass" only, as whup-ass is not sold in jars, squeeze tubes or resealable bags. #
  • RT @RogervonOech: Never state a problem to yourself in the same terms as it was brought to you. [More at:]
    http://j.mp/cthirsh #
  • RT @HarvardBiz: Government Health Care: Like the Postal Service? http://bit.ly/4IzozI #
  • RT @capricecrane: I don't know how your car got dented. Maybe it's God saying you shouldn't have cut me off for that parking space. Or me. #
  • RT @diablocody: Eating a gingerbread house for breakfast. A new low. #
  • RT @capricecrane: According to Billboard: "Nickelback: 'Band of the decade.'" That's all. Enjoy the apocalypse. #
  • RT @TheOnion: "Why do all the girls I like think of me as just a friend? And why isn't there a term to describe that relationship?" -Plato #

Twitter: 2009-09-22

22 Sep 2009 /
  • RT @sportsguy33: My postgame question 4 Tony Sparano: "Tony, that's one of the worst coaching jobs I've ever seen. I dont have a question." #
  • When you find a big kettle of crazy, it's best not to stir it: http://bit.ly/rJ4kd #
  • RT @diablocody: "I learned JavaScript, so my personal website is getting really dynamic." #1999IceBreakers #

Twitter: 2009-08-21

21 Aug 2009 /
  • Want to buy a customized Michael Vick Eagles jersey for your dog? http://tinyurl.com/la3o36 #
  • Obama: "We are God's partners in matters of life and death." Good mission statement for the death panels! #
  • RT @diablocody: Obsolete memory: pushing card catalog drawers in and out at the library. Also, the tangy smell of the old cards. #

Twitter: 2009-08-10

10 Aug 2009 /
  • RT @diablocody: I wonder if there are any amazing singles who live right in my area. #
  • Leading When You Don't Have Formal Authority http://bit.ly/EST45 #

Twitter: 2009-08-09

9 Aug 2009 /
  • RT @paulandstorm: [S] A proper diet is half the battle: Upper GI Joe. #
  • RT @diablocody: I used to think grownups automatically knew how to take care of themselves. Flash-forward to my squalid adulthood. #
  • "I'm sorry but business is business." #usefulphrases #
  • "You ought to have thought of that before you got into this trouble." #usefulphrases #
  • "I'm not the person to see about that." #usefulphrases #

Twitter: 2009-08-01

1 Aug 2009 /
  • "Clean and sober Andy Dick ready to invade O.C." http://bit.ly/lGfMb #bottomstoriesoftheday #
  • CPK now lists calories on the menus. Suicide! Even the salads are over 1000! #
  • RT @diablocody: Intrigued by full-service "dental spa." Tired of making separate trips for tooth bleaching and anal bleaching. #

Twitter: 2009-07-09

9 Jul 2009 /
Jus d'orange
  • Niagara Falls is INSANE! #
  • RT @paulandstorm: [P] "Listen to them. Children of the night. Christ, what a racket." #1stdraftmovielines #
  • RT @paulandstorm: [P] "First rule of Fight Club is — dues must be paid by the first of every month." #1stdraftmovielines #
  • RT @paulandstorm: [P] "I'm mad as hell, and I'm telling you, that's pretty damn mad. Mad, mad, mad! Hoo-boy, am I mad!" #1stdraftmovielines #
  • RT @paulandstorm: [P] "He's Spartacus!" #1stdraftmovielines #
  • RT @paulandstorm: "I'm sorry; did you say 'badgers' or 'badges?' Actually, we don't have either, so the point is moot." #1stdraftmovielines #
  • RT @ChipChantry: "Guys, guys, time out… this boat is WAY TOO SMALL." #1stdraftmovielines #
  • RT @ChipChantry: "If you build it, your wife will get angry with you." #1stdraftmovielines #
  • RT @diablocody: "Make sure I get paid adequately." #1stdraftmovielines #
  • Why isn't there a law against guys with sleep apnea taking redeye flights? #
  • Just enjoyed a bottle of jus d'orange. That means "orange juice" in French. We're learning the language of the people up here. #

Twitter: 2009-07-04

4 Jul 2009 /
  • RT @diablocody: I ordered a bunch of Yankee Candles while drunk. Now the house smells of pie and remorse. #
  • RT @darthvader: I love national holidays where blowing up a rebel stronghold can easily be considered a spectacular “finale.” #
  • Weinerschnitzel: 2 chili dogs plus chili cheese fries for $3. Ain’t that America! #
  • RT @diablocody: Ah, the patriotic “flag bikini.” There’s nothing like having a nation’s pride wadded up in your labia. #
  • RT @ericmusselman: Abraham Lincoln: “I will prepare, and someday my chance will come.” #

Twitter: 2009-06-08

8 Jun 2009 /
  • RT @diablocody: Re: people using the word “robust” when describing technology. It’s a phone, not Bolognese sauce. #
  • Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when it’s the only one you have. — Emile-Auguste Chartier #
  • Oxymoron of the day: optional requirements #

Microblog: 2009-04-21

21 Apr 2009 /

Microblog: 2009-04-11

11 Apr 2009 /
  • Great video of Mississauga’s mayor, an 88-year-old former professional women’s hockey player: http://tinyurl.com/as2ca4 #
  • RT @diablocody: “Mashing the star button” sounds inherently masturbatory. #
  • I know someone like this – RT @NoReinsGirl: Next door home improvement project day 1,329. Finish already. #

The Conundrum of Fame

1 Apr 2009 /

Here’s conundrum of fame, as I see it: It’s always said that if you want to be famous, you must endure criticism. The fabled “trade off”…

…But the whole reason people want to be famous is to be loved. They’re love-addicts. Hating a celeb is like kicking a hemophiliac.

Like I bet Tom Hanks internalizes a shitty remark way more than, say, the HR lady in your office. He’s needy. That’s why he’s Tom Hanks.

All right, enough Psych 101. My Chihuahua looks like Billy Crystal and my Shepherd is Gheorghe Muresan. They need a development deal.