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Where it Went


I saw a child carrying a light. I asked him where he had brought it from. He put it out and said: “Now you tell me where it is gone.” — Hasan of Basra Read more →

Improving the Joke


There was a recipe for Kitty Litter Cake circulating at work today. The joke, as you can see from the picture, is that it looks just like a box of used cat litter. Ho hum. A better joke would be to circulate the recipe, tell your co-workers that you’re going to make it for the next department potluck, then serve them a real box of cat litter. Bon appétit! Read more →

A Joke I Learned in Traffic School


A guy is driving to work one morning. He turns on the radio and the announcer says, “Be careful out there. Somebody’s on the freeway driving the wrong way.” “Somebody!?” the guy says. “They’re all driving the wrong way.” Read more →

That Explains It


Explanation Sought for Lobster Decline — Newsday, August 21, 2004 Woman Chows 38 Lobsters in Eating Contest — Newsday, August 22, 2004 Read more →