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An Irrevocable Diameter


I was just tangent to the Great Circle of Life, of which I am one irrevocable diameter. — Grace Paley, “An Irrevocable Diameter” Read more →

Books Etc.


Thanks to the annual Super Bowl Sunday Buy One Get One Free sale at Books Etc. in Laguna Hills, the works of Bellow, Borges, Bukowski, Brautigan, Cheever, Eco, Grace Paley, Dennis Potter, Pynchon, Robbe-Grillet, Philip Roth and Tom Wolfe have found their way onto my bookshelf for a capital outlay of only 32 dollars American. Read more →

You’re My Dad


Will you come to see me Jack      When I’m old and very shaky? Yes I will for you’re my dad      And you’ve lost your last old lady      Though you traveled very far To the highlands and the badlands      And ripped off the family car Still, old dad, I won’t forsake you. Will you come to see me Jack?      Though I’m really not alone. Still I’d like to see my boy      For we’re lonesome for our own.      Yes I will for you’re my dad Though you dumped me and my brothers      And you sizzled down the road Loving other fellows’ mothers. Will you come to see me Jack?      Though I look like time boiled over. Growing old is not a lark.      Yes I will for you’re my dad      Though we never saw a nickel As we struggled up life’s ladder      I will call you and together We will cuddle up and… Read more →