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Twitter: 2011-01-23


RT @celebinrmonolog: 10-YEAR-OLD WILLOW SMITH: Yo, I've paid my dues! Now gimme my deserved stardom, bitches! # RT @theharryshearer: The voice of empire: “Get used to it, world. We’re not going to put up with nonsense.” Duane (Dewey) Clarridge. # Read more →

Twitter: 2010-10-31


RT @theharryshearer: Is problem with modern politics not enough performance art–or too much? # Read more →

Twitter: 2010-07-10


RT @letwits: Not Exclusive But: sources tell me LeBron James' PR advisor is Tony Hayward. # Read more →

Twitter: 2010-03-09


RT @Aimee_B_Loved: Katherine Bigelow really needs to end her speech with "SUCK IT, JAMES CAMERON!" # RT @letwits: CBSNews "Hollywood Sees a Bright Future in 3D" Sure they do. They can remake everything all over again. # Read more →

Lack of Privacy Is Part of the Deal


Product endorsement is “implicitly aspirational”: The grandaddy of such advertising in the modern age, of course, is three simple words: “Be Like Mike.” Once you’re asking people to be like you, you’re inviting them to wonder about the “you” they’re supposed to want to be like. End of privacy. In case your agents, lawyers, managers, and other handlers didn’t mention it, that’s the deal. — Harry Shearer Read more →