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Regal Cinema is Alienating Me

28 May 2017 /
Regal Cinemas

Went to the movies yesterday and found that Regal Cinema has joined the ranks of Chevron and Walgreens as companies willing to hit up customers for a charitable donation as part of their regular purchase.

You’re part of an industry that burns up a billion dollars making pirate movies and Baywatch and special effects science fiction bullshit. Donate that money to whatever cause you’re passing the hat for, instead of hustling the customers for a donation over and above the price of a ticket and a 6-dollar soda and a 10-dollar sack of popcorn, and then tooting your own horn over your generosity and community involvement.

Monday Night at the Chevron

20 Mar 2017 /

I like the sodas at Chevron . . . they’re not restaurant quality, but they’re better than the flat, tasteless sodas you get at most other gas stations.

On the downside, Chevron as often as not has some donate-a-buck-to-charity shakedown going on at the register. Today the place is plastered with photos of bald children with brave smiles on their faces . . .

“Would you like to donate to St. Jude pediatric cancer research?” the clerk asks.

“I already donated two dollars last week and they haven’t cured it yet?”


Meanwhile, I notice another employee plucking all the hot dogs off the rotisserie with a pair of tongs and dropping them in a trash can . . .

“You have to throw those out if they sit too long?” I ask the clerk.


“Do you ever pluck a couple off and eat them if you’re hungry?”

“No,” he says, with the kind of look someone would give you if you asked them to eat something inedible . . .

Top Dog

17 Jun 2011 /

Top Dog - Berkeley, CA

Top Dog - Berkeley, CA

Hot Dog

24 Apr 2011 /

hot dog

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Twitter: 2009-07-04

4 Jul 2009 /
  • RT @diablocody: I ordered a bunch of Yankee Candles while drunk. Now the house smells of pie and remorse. #
  • RT @darthvader: I love national holidays where blowing up a rebel stronghold can easily be considered a spectacular “finale.” #
  • Weinerschnitzel: 2 chili dogs plus chili cheese fries for $3. Ain’t that America! #
  • RT @diablocody: Ah, the patriotic “flag bikini.” There’s nothing like having a nation’s pride wadded up in your labia. #
  • RT @ericmusselman: Abraham Lincoln: “I will prepare, and someday my chance will come.” #

Hot Dog Diplomacy

26 Jun 2009 /

Iranian envoys hoping to get a piece of American pie, or at least a hot dog, will have to wait. The invitations extended last month to Iranian officials to attend Fourth of July celebrations at American embassies have been rescinded, reports The Times’s Mark Landler.

Hot Dog From Nathan's on July 4, 2008

Credit: misscharo

I hope that’s because they continue to murder their own citizens in the streets and not just because they failed to RSVP in a timely manner.

I stand side by side with President Obama in my support for human rights and opposition to totalitarian autocracy!


Oh yeah, we’re playing hardball now . . .

Tweets on 2009-03-26

26 Mar 2009 /
  • It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. –Seneca #
  • The definition for “value” that I recently started using is “what guides us when we have to make a hard decision.” http://tinyurl.com/chzkqp #
  • @tweetmeme @smashingmag Reading ‘Designing Drop-Down Menus: Examples and Best Practices’ http://tinyurl.com/dnzeyh #
  • Love the Weinerschnitzel vs Carls Jr 2 for $3 chili dog battle. The customer is the true winner! #
  • RT @BonnieLowe: Reading “Thirsty plants cn twttr 4 water w/ new device.” nxt it’ll be yr cat tweeting 4 snacks. http://tinyurl.com/dfh8dk #
  • RT @KathySierra: Choosing a dog based on breed name is ridiculous, but the coder in me is geekily drawn to: http://tinyurl.com/d3gmkc #
  • At Uni High 4 Irvine Band Festival #

Hot Diggety Dog

9 Jul 2006 /

I urge Nathan’s to allow canines to enter next year’s contest; then the world will see some real eating.

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