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Twitter: 2010-08-08


RT @serafinowicz: Jet Li has a Russian cousin, Jet Ski. # RT @Jesus_M_Christ: #liesitoldmyparents Sure, Mom. "Immaculate." I believe you. # Sun over yardarm. Switching from iced tea to Wild Turkey. # Read more →

Twitter: 2009-08-05


What's better on a hot summer afternoon — iced tea or lemonade? Thanks to Arnold Palmer, I don't have to choose! # "AA can only help weak people because their ego is strengthened by the group. I was never a joiner." — F. Scott Fitzgerald # Read more →

Iced Tea and Lemonade


Arnold Palmer may have won a lot of golf tournaments, but his greatest accomplishment in my opinion was to say, “Hey, let’s mix some lemonade in with the iced tea.” Nothing better on a hot day! Thanks, Arnie! Read more →